Model Horse Show Entries Due August 1st

7/25/12 - Eventing: Cross Country Phase only

Reminder to all photo showers! Model Horse Show entries are due Wednesday, August 1. The topic this month is Eventing: Cross Country Phase only. In case you are feeling intimidated, don't forget that this phase includes trotting and cantering as well as jumping and galloping so there are lots of scenarios that you could depict! Send your entries to Be sure to include which class you are entering in the subject line.

Longtime BreyerFest Live Show manager and model horse show expert Michelle Masters will be judging your entries and providing a class overview as well as commentary and critiques of the winning entries!

Winners will be announced on or about September 2, 2012. Good luck!


By submitting an entry, you agree to be bound by the following contest rules:

Official Rules:

1) We are dividing entries into 17 years and younger and over 18 years. We work on the honor system, so please honor it!

2) We will pin 1st-3rd in each division and honorable mentions as warranted. One first place winner in each age group (17 & Under and 18 & Older) in each class will receive a Breyer Traditional model from current inventory, (MSRP of at least $24.99), chosen by Breyer. No substitutions. Models will be mailed to the address you provide in your entry within 4-6 weeks of announcement.

3) At least three entries must be submitted to have a valid class. If Breyer does not receive at least three entries for each class offered, we reserve the right to cancel the class.

4) Entries must be submitted to Breyer in JPEG format, emailed to

5) Entries will be judged by Michelle Masters. Each entry will be judged on equal parts suitability of horse, rider and accessories to the scene, attention to detail, accuracy and realism, and creativity.

6) Entries must feature Breyer horse models of any size. Non-Breyer entries will not be considered. Accessories and other people and animals may be made by other manufacturers, although preference will be given to Breyer accessories.

7) All entries must be original and created entirely by entrant.

8) All entries become the property of Breyer Animal Creations and Reeves International, Inc. ("Sponsor"), may be used without additional consent or compensation, and will not be acknowledged or returned. By submitting an entry, you agree to these terms. Please do not enter model horse show if you do not agree.

9) Sponsor or its affiliates are not responsible for lost, late, incomplete or misdirected entries.

10) By participating, the entrant releases the Sponsor and its affiliates from all liabilities with respect to this contest.

11) Void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law.


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BreyerLover2222 Says:
12/15/2016 at 2:22 pm

I really want to get into Breyer showing!!! :)

Ashley11 Says:
09/13/2012 at 12:24 pm


Were the results posted?

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