From the Horse's Mouth - Part Six


A Guide to BreyerFest from the Planning Team

Changes coming to BreyerFest for 2020

As BreyerFest grows each year it is also constantly evolving to make sure that we are providing guests with the best possible experience.  We really do read your feedback when you respond to the survey and we listen to your comments when you talk to staff at the event.  We want to make sure that everyone has a great BreyerFest and comes back year after year.

To accommodate the growing crowds of horse fans, we need to make tweaks each year, and some tweaks are bigger than others, so for this post we are going to outline what a few of those will be in 2020 at our Celtic Fling!

Model Handout

For 2019, we added a table in the Special Run Store so Three-Day ticket holders could grab their Celebration Horse models while they were buying their Special Run models and many guests took advantage of this!  This is not changing.  However, we are moving Celebration Horse Model Handout out of the Covered Arena and we are moving Single-Day model handout out of the Help Desk area.

For 2020, ALL Three-Day and Single-Day model tickets may be redeemed at the same location.  This location will be in a large tent in the parking lot just past the large pop-up Souvenir Shop and will be marked on the map in the program and in our From the Horse’s Mouth guide.  Models will be available all weekend long, so there is no need to stand in long lines to get your models – each model redemption ticket guarantees you a model.


For 2020, we are moving workshops OUT of the Big Barn (we heard that the barn swallows were none too fond of us being in there…) and INTO a large, AIR CONDITIONED tent in the annex ring, complete with flooring!  All workshops will be held in this centrally-located tent in the middle of all the BreyerFest action.  As always, workshops require pre-registration online. 

Help Desks

As BreyerFest grows, we realize that having just one Help Desk/Information booth is no longer practical.  The tent at the south end of the Covered Arena will remain, but we will be adding information tents around the park – all of their locations will be indicated on the BreyerFest event map in the program and in our From the Horse’s Mouth guide and include Celebration Park, near the Special Run tent, and near the Alltech Arena.  Here, you can grab a program, ask questions, and chat with our BreyerFest Ambassadors!  Look for the Breyer-branded tents around the KHP!

Hobby Center

We are expanding the Hands-on Hobby Booth to now include the BreyerFest Diorama contest and creating one large Hobby Center.  This means we are moving the Diorama contest out of the VIC – we are receiving so many entries that this space is no longer practical to showcase everyone’s amazing work! 

While you’re in the Hobby Center, check out the amazing dioramas and chat with the incredibly talented hobby volunteers staffing the tent.  Many of them have printed information about what they’re working on that you can take home.


BreyerFest hosts two raffles that support the non-profit beneficiaries we’ve selected for each year.  The Saturday Raffle will be called at 4:30 pm in the Covered Arena – this has not changed from previous years.  However, we’ve added a 19th Special Run ticket time on Sunday at 2 pm so to accommodate this, we are pushing the Sunday Raffle back to 3:30 pm.  This way, guests have plenty of time to complete their 2 pm shopping time in the Special Run store and make their way over to the Covered Arena for the Raffle.  As always, you must be present at the raffles to win.

Costume Contest

There will not be a costume contest in 2020 before the evening show at the Alltech Arena.  We’ve been blown away by everyone’s creativity over the last few years, but we just feel like we can develop a better way for all your hard work to be seen and appreciated. Not to worry though!  Those coveted glossy Celebration Horse prize models aren’t going away.  Instead, BOTH nights of the evening show we are going to raffle off glossy Celebration Horse models to a handful of lucky winners!  Each person in attendance will receive a raffle ticket at the door, with no option to purchase additional tickets. Everyone who is there has an equal chance to win – no bulky costumes required!

We have always loved the amazing displays of creativity at the BreyerFest Costume Contest. After careful consideration, we felt that we were not able to properly honor participants' time and effort on their costumes with the current format of judging before the ever-growing popularity of our Evening Show. We are hoping that the Costume Contest will return at future BreyerFests when we can give it all of the love and attention it deserves! 


Here at BreyerFest HQ we are excited to bring you the best event we can each year – after all, this event is for YOU, the Breyer Fan.

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December 31, 2019

I hope I can go to BreyerFest this year I will begin persuading my mom and dad today and also i will be begging to join the collector club since I live in Michigan the chance of going is pretty low but I hope I can make it. And I love Reggie he is so,so,so cute and awesome don’t you think? And I love the theme this year I hope it’s will be really fun. And since it is 2020 it will be extra special, so I really,really,really,really,really hop I can go to BreyerFest this year and hope is will be fun. :) :) :) ;)


December 16, 2019

Breyer, I think it’s incredible that vintage molds like the fighting stallion are coming back! I love their old colors, but their new colors are super eye catching, and absolutely stunning! The silver bay mustang is incredible! I would love to see more uses of Misty molds, semi rearing mustang, and running mare! If a new misty mold comes out I will most definitely be buying it! I have misty right now and she’s absolutely stunning! I would really love to see the semi rearing mustang in some new colors too!


December 10, 2019

I wish I could go to BreyerFest sometime. I’ve never been and would absolutely love to go! That’s too bad. The celebration horse is totally awesome this year. I’m an eventer, so I think it’s totally awesome that we’re finally having an eventing horse as the celebration horse! Reggie has the most beautiful rich brown shading with the perfect blend of brown and black. His white sock and star match perfectly. And his powerful pose is perfect for this horse! He is so incredible and perfect. I hope I get to meet him someday. So sad I cant go to BreyerFest, but even though I’m not going reading these articles are pretty helpful for if I ever go! 🐴🐴🐴🐴

Breyer Staff
Breyer Staff

December 09, 2019

@Erin – Your dad can still wear his kilt! Kilts will be encouraged at BreyerFest this year!

Erin Carter
Erin Carter

December 09, 2019

THANK YOU FOR MOVING THE WORKSHOPS!. I was in a lot of them last year and besides the Barn Swallows, there were a few with very bad lighting-not good for the details needed on what we are working on. Wish the costume contest was still around- since it is Celtic themed was going to work on having my Dad in full kilt garb. (Yes, he has one. My sister had all the men in her wedding wear kilts). Darn it- guess I’ll have a few more years to convince him to do it.

Lone Pine Horses
Lone Pine Horses

December 09, 2019

I am so excited! This will be my first year if everything works out! Can´t wait!!!

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